Clothes Line

There is some kind of solace in watching the wet cloths spread upon the clothes line. Suddenly the lifeless courtyard becomes vibrant with life; suddenly it appears to be the most beautiful part of the whole house. The room facing the courtyard gets washed up with the hazy sunlight in the hue of cloths spread upon the cloths line. The breeze which comes filtered through these cloths fills the house with a sweet fragrance, which r reiterates that this house is not house, but home, and people live here.


That morning I was in deep meditation when I heard a big bang upon my door persistently. I knew well who the demon was who was trying to bring me down from my peaceful cosmic state. I time I was not going to give up, this time I won’t let them win, I decided and closed my eyes more tightly, trying to ignore the demonic banging upon my door. But what could I do with my ears? The nuisance on the door just didn’t stop; I just don’t understand why people can’t understand the importance of privacy.

Little Frog

Aadi…Do you remember you liked it when I called you by this name? Even for the first time I don’t remember calling you by your complete name, Aditya, and you too hated it when I called you Aditya. You too insisted that I should call you only Aadi irrespective of whoever so is present. Whenever I said, “Aadi…” you replied “yeah kusum”, and that too in such an innocent and hilarious way that we both broke down into a heartfelt laugh together


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